KTH Challenge 2017


Compiler settings

We use scalac 2.11.12 to compile your program with the following command:

$ scalac -encoding UTF-8 -sourcepath {path} -d {path} {files}

  • {files} is a space-separated list of all files.

Runtime settings

We use scala Scala code runner version 2.11.12 -- Copyright 2002-2017, LAMP/EPFL to run your program with the following command:

$ scala -cp {path} -J-Xss64m -J-Xmx{memlim}m {mainclass}

  • {mainclass} is the class containing your main function.
  • {memlim} is the actual memory limit for the problem you are submitting to.

File Extensions

Files with any of the following file extensions will be used: .scala, .sc

Additional information

Additional language-specific advice and information for many languages is available in the knowledge base